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Mission and Outreach: Resurgence Weekend

Join the Good Shepherd, Cedar Hill for a a three-day weekend Episcopal revival that will include three nights of ministry, an evangelism training day and end on Sunday night with the final harvest evangelistic event. For more details contact the church at 972-291-4528. 

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Praising Jesus in Greenville

The Episcopal Revival at St. Paul's in Greenville, Texas was a rousing success with more than 90 people in attendance.

Worship began with a lively 16-person band led by David Gish and his Joyful Noise group. The Rev. Marc Dobson, from Good Shepherd Cedar Hill, joined the Joyful Noise band for the evening. Music started with “How Great is Our God” and ended with the ole faithful “I'll Fly Away.” 

Guest Preacher: Bishop Paul Lambert shared a riveting message about one of his favorite verses from John: 14 where the Lord promises, "I will not leave you orphaned." Lambert shared how as a young boy both his father and mother left him and his younger brother alone at home for days on end. Lambert took charge and tucked his younger brother in bed, fed him and took care of him. After a few days the food ran out. Lambert was heartbroken and scared. He went to his family bible read John 14 and peace washed over him. He shared it with his brother and said, "See we are going to be ok. God promises He will take care of us." Lambert shared how soon his earthly father returned and never left them again. 

Lambert then went on to say that throughout his life, this life verse is implanted on his heart. He shared how God has brought him through much and has been true to his promise that he will never leave us orphaned. Bishop Lambert then invited people to give their lives to Jesus or to come forward for prayer needs.

The idea of an Episcopal Revival came from the Rev. Gary Herbst's time in Alaska, where revivals were common. When Herbst came to Greenville ___ he brought the revival spirit with him. He says that it is perfect to host revivals in Greenville because it is the physical geographic center of the diocese- location wise.

Bishop George Sumner, the Rev. Canon Michael Gilton, Joe Bleier, the Rev. Daniel Ofegbu and Bonnie Morrill attended the revival. Carrie Headington. Missioner for Evangelism, said, "I am so grateful to St. Paul's Greenville for their passion to see people refreshed by the Lord and to spread the Gospel to those who don't know him. They are a model parish in what God can do when we intentionally step out to share the good news in our communities. They have worked hard for months to prepare for this outreach and it was a blessing to us all."

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