Additional Ministries

Here is a list of other ministries that are an active part of diocesan life but not part of its governance. 

Brotherhood of St. Andrew: All parishes and missions in the Diocese that have an active men’s group are encouraged to participate with the Brotherhood and those that do not have an active men’s group, please consider forming one. 

Cursillo: The Cursillo weekend is a time for renewal and reflection on your commitment to living for Christ. The weekend consists of short lectures given by both lay and clergy, group discussions, worship and participating in the sacraments. As a result, they become more effective in bringing Christ to others to spread the Kingdom of God throughout their neighborhood and the world -- the duty of all Christians. For more information call 972-253-7124.

Daughters of the King: The Order of the Daughters of the King is a spiritual sisterhood of women dedicated to a life of Prayer, Service and Evangelism. We have made a commitment to Jesus as our Savior, and we follow Him as Lord of our lives.

Gateway of Grace: Is a ministry for refugees. For more information contact Samira Page at 469-324-8825.

Greater Dallas Coalition: The organizations and individuals that comprise the collation come from a wide range of Christian traditions. Some are denominational, others are independent. Some are charismatic, others liturgical. In all things this group agrees on the fundamentals of faith as they share ministry with the worldwide Church. For more information contact Darrell A. Smith, at 469-623-7639.

Hunger Solutions: To begin exploring how your parish can address hunger in your community, please contact Dabney Dwyer at 214-5--7205. 

Jubilee Ministry: To be a ministry of joint discipleship in Christ with poor and oppressed people, wherever they are found, to meet basic human needs and build a just society. Diocesan Jubilee officer is the Rev. Rosemary Trei at 972-978-9164. 

One Church One School: This ministry promotes partnerships between churches in the Diocese of Dallas and public schools in order to support efforts in achieving excellence in education. For more information contact Dabney Dwyer at 214-500-7205. 

The Gathering: offers a 1 p.m., Sunday worship in Thanks-Giving Square in downtown Dallas for the homeless or those who have insecure housing. Contact Tom Hauser at 214-878-4184 for more information. 

The Open Table: The ministry, which was born out of a Methodist Church, is about helping people who are in some sort of transition by providing them with small group support and accountability. The person being helped is considered the CEO who creates a plan for their life and the team members serve as a board of directors. For more information contact Stephanie Hodgkins at