Hospitality Outreach

Good fellowship, good cooking and good wine was the hallmark of St. Dunstan’s appreciation dinner where the men prepare and serve a gourmet meal for the women of the church.

About 70 women gathered in the parish garden while servers brought trays of smoked trout crostini’s and glasses of wine.

“It’s a beautiful recognition for the women who are the movers and shakers of the church,” said Lee Spence. “The men do a wonderful job of cooking an epicurean meal. Everyone looks forward to this event each year. It’s just lovely.”

This year the men cooked herb-crusted beef tenderloin in a red-wine reduction sauce, potato gratins, balsamic glazed tomatoes and molten chocolate cakes with fresh berries.

“Everyone is having an incredibly convivial moment,” parishioner Jeanne Greenawalt said. “There is such a goo spirit and lovely feeling of everyone being together. Everyone is smiling and sharing ideas.”

Milton Husbands, a retired obstetrician and the mastermind behind the luncheon said the event was a good way to recognize the women’s work and to make them feel special. “It’s a fun thing. We try to change the menu each year and to make something good with appetizers, a main course and a wine selection.”

Over the years, the luncheon has attracted other women in the community, and as a result some of them have made St. Dunstan’s their church home. “It’s good outreach for us,” the Rev. Tom Pantle said. “It’s been great, because the men stepped up and did something on their own.”

The men begin their prep work the night before by washing fruit, cutting vegetables and trimming meat. The men have bonded during their efforts to prepare and serve the food and have since started a local chapter of the brotherhood of St. Andew’s. “The luncheon is a good place for eh men to get to know each other,” Pantel said.

The event has gotten so popular, the church is running out of space to expand.

Nancy Hoing, took a break from her gourmet meal to marvel at the fellowship and community of the church. “I’m a newcomer,” she said. “What a great thing to see the gentlemen serve the ladies. I’m really having a good time.”

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