Making the Most of the Holidays

11.15.18 | Homepage | by Canon Carrie Boren Headington

    Making the Most of…


    Advent and Christmas
    • Pray
    • 80% of Americans say their primary source of pain is loneliness.
    • 80% of Americans say if invited to church they would attend.
    • Have on your parish website all of your Advent and Christmas events.
    • Make postcards, business cards, and email invitation to give to friends, co-workers, family, and those around you to invite them to your church.
    • Encourage all church members to give out 3-5 cards a week leading up to Christmas – grocery store, coffee shops, friends, neighbors.
    • When you serve the poor, invite your non-Christian friends.
    • Get some church friends together and have a Christmas gathering in your home. Invite them to church.
    • Share “Why Christmas” booklets with others.
    • Be radical inviters. Radical hospitality.
    • carrieheadington.comShare the Christmas video and Christmas letter “From God to You.”
    • Go door to door and invite neighbors to church. Ask if you can pray for anything for them. Offer them homemade Christmas cookies.
    • At Christmas services have cards, invitations for New Year’s parish offerings. Have something for seekers.
    • Give a Christmas booklet on the meaning of Christmas, times of  Christmas services or a letter “From God to You” which you can print from 
    New Year
    • Have parish offerings for seekers to connect with God – ALPHA, Seeker Bible Studies (Rebecca Manley Pippert). Go to where they are – home, coffee shops, local hang-outs.Pray and Invite people.
    • Epiphany – God reaching the Gentiles with the Good News. Offer evangelism equipping resources, classes, sermons to help your people grasp their call and JOY to share the faith.