On Being Old: Secular Wisdom and the Gospel

01.20.23 | Homepage


    Bishop Sumner's Lenten Education Series

    Sign up now for Bishop George Sumner's Lenten education series on Zoom, scheduled for Wednesday evenings, at  7-8 p.m., starting March 1, and lasting through March 29. 

    Each week we will discuss our reading for one hour as we bring to bear or experience (though you don’t have to be old to sign up!)  What can we learn about aging as a Christian?  

    Week 1- Shakespeare, ‘King Lear’

    Week 2- Sophocles, ‘Oedipus at Colonus’

    Week 3- Erik Erikson, ‘Ego Integration’ (Click here for reading material)

    Week 4- Ecclesiastes

    Week 5- J.I.Packer, Finishing Our Race with Joy