Online Discernment Retreat

07.01.20 | Homepage

    We are so pleased you have expressed an interest in the 2020 Discernment Retreat of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. This year’s online-only retreat is scheduled for August 9-10, 2020.

    Traditionally, this event is held at a retreat facility and covers three days. This year, we are moving it online in response to health precautions. We are retaining the word “retreat” in the name of this event; but it is really an interactive, prayer-filled webinar!

    In addition to our retreat, we encourage you to sign up by August 1, for the monthly discernment and discussion opportunities offered by the RadVo conference (register at

    Beginning in September 2020, RadVo will be providing monthly opportunities to interact with online small groups, virtual town halls, and more, culminating in September 2021 with a three day conference in person here in Dallas. 

    Click Here for more information and for the registration form.