RADVO Attendees Talk About Conference

09.25.18 | Homepage | by Kimberly Durnan

    Here are some comments from a few of the attendees at the Radical Vocation Conference held recently in Dallas and sponsored by the Communion Partner Bishops, The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas and Church of the Incarnation.

    Cathrine Fungai Ngangira: Originally from Zimbabwe and currently studying at Cranmer Hall in England. “The theme Radical Vocation is something the Church has been lacking along with not knowing how to reach out to young people. I get to be fed while being part of the communion. I’m here to learn and discern my own vocation as well.”



     Ryan Jordan: Originally from Chicago and currently studying Nashotah House in Wisconsin. “This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to mingle with the best minds and hearts of North American Anglicanism. I’m looking for opportunities as to what comes next after seminary.”



    Melissa Turner: From Joplin, Missouri and currently studying at Dallas Theological Seminary. “This has been a process of listening to other people. I’m still trying to figure out if that lines up with my theological and service interests.”



    Ben Davis: From Wichita, Kansas. “I have friends who are discerning so I came to support them. Also, all my favorite theologians are here and I wanted to come see them. Stanley Hauerwas’ lecture on the importance of theology for basic ministry was excellent. Particularly when he spoke about the seriousness of pastoral ministry is beyond acting like a therapist.”



    Heather Lawrence: From Nashville, Tennessee and came to the conference to discern. “I have a strong personal awareness of my call to ministry. I’m a new Episcopalian and I’m discerning more specifically what that call looks like to love, learn and lead in the church.”



    Zach Jones: From Atlanta, Georgia. “I’m currently going through ordination in the Anglican Church. I’m here with Emory University. Wes Hill’s talk gave me a lot to chew on when he spoke about God’s abiding faithfulness in the midst of division.”



    Meghan Mazur: Is rom Garland and discerning a call to the priesthood. “I really enjoyed O’Donovan’s talk about sermons. I was grateful for the more practical points about preaching. A lot of times you hear heady theological ideas and it was good to get some practical advice from someone with a lot of experience.”



    Tyler Chumley: Is From Dallas and is discerning how to serve. “I want to do more but I don’t know if that’s ordained ministry or not. I go to Church of the Incarnation and I talked to some of the priests and they encouraged me to attend the conference. It seemed like a good opportunity and there were a lot of good speakers.”