Refresh Spiritually with a Renewal Weekend

09.26.19 | Homepage

Refresh Spiritually with a Renewal Weekend

    Deepen your spirituality and spend a weekend renewing your spirituality at Renewal Weekend scheduled for October 18-20, at Camp Crucis in Granbury. 

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    Participants and leaders explore scripture together, define and model everyday evangelism, and are nourished in the rhythms of the day through the Daily Office and Holy Eucharist. 

    The flow and content is designed to:
    v Immerse participants in Anglican Spirituality
    v Create a Christ-centered community
    v Live responsibly into the Baptismal Covenant
    v Introduce a Rule of Life through a variety of spiritual disciplines
    v Provide space to rest and reflect
    v Model the benefit of small groups
    v Encourage daily, environmental evangelism
    v Target younger adults
    v Serve the local parish
    v Provide the ability to repeat the weekend
    Friday: Introspection opens with Holy Eucharist,
    a time to consider where we are in our relationship with God.

    Saturday: Life in Christ Living a Life in Christ and individual ministry.
    Includes a Guided Break time, when Participants may further their journey by learning new and possibly different ways to pray and worship.

    Sunday: Life in the World Sharing faith with others – telling our story. Closes with Holy Eucharist and a Renewal of Baptismal Vows.