St. Francis to the Movies

03.30.23 | Homepage

    By Tracy Jay Miller on behalf fo St. Francis in Winnsboro

    Early this month, 12 members of St. Francis and a few friends met at the Historic Lake Country Playhouse and Select Theater in downtown Mineola to view the film, "Jesus Revolution," created by the maker of "I Can Only Imagine" and starring Kelsey Grammer. The film is based on a true story of a 1970s spiritual awakening that began in Southern California and later spread throughout the United States. Two of the leaders involved went on to become founders of the Calvary Chapel movement and their ministry graced the cover of a 1971 Time Magazine. Themes included welcoming the outcast, redemption and spiritual transformation. The theater continued to be filled for the second weekend of the showing and the film out-performed expected ticket sales. The 12 church members wore their church t-shirts that garnered the attention of others. A few movie-goers asked about our church and where we were located. There were some laughs, spontaneous clapping, and a few tears by spectators during the film. Some church members professed that they haven't been to a moving theater in years and reflected on their younger days. In one of the movie scenes, hippies were baptized on a California beach called Pirates Cove. After the movie, we learned the daughter of a couple attending our church was also baptized at Pirates Cove.