Strengthen Relationship with the Diocese of Cuba


Click the video camera icon to hear The Very Rev. Dr. Neal Michell talk about resolutions on the World Mission Committee at General Convention.

Resolution A053 aims to strengthen the Church's relationship with the Diocese of Cuba  to increase understanding and fellowship between the Church and La Iglesia Episcopal de Cuba. 

Building a relationship through cultural exchange, prayer, worship, fellowship, education and humanitarian work will promote mutual ministry. Such a connection would also strengthen and support education and training of lay and clergy leadership for congregational ministry within the Cuban Church. 

"The Diocese, bishops and I have felt isolated," said Bishop Coadjutor Griselda Delgado Del Carpio, through a translator during her testimony to the committee. "It has been tough for Cuba in the last 50 years. Tough times nationally but also in the life of the church. During this time our churches were never closed, they were always open. We expanded our spirituality, always believing we belonged to a larger family." 

The resolution would strengthen the ties between the Church and the diocese in Cuba during a time of potential political and social transition in relationship to U.S. foreign policy. 

The Very Rev. Dr. Neal Michell, who serves on the World Mission Committee said the resolution is an important one for Episcopalians and for Christians. 

"I support the resolutions on developing closer relations with Cuba because they are part of our Anglican family, both before the revolution and during the difficult times of serious oppression."