The meaning of College Ministry

05.07.15 | by Abigail Adam

    This is a first person account of SMU student Abigail Adams who is active EDOD's College Ministry at Southern Methodist University.

    Why I’m Thankful for EDOD’s College Ministry

    College is a very important time in a young person’s life. It’s a time of reflection, of finding yourself, of figuring out what you want to do with your life. As a scared freshman far from home, I found a place to belong at SMU’s Episcopal campus ministry.

    While it has changed names a few times in my college career, the impact of SMU Episcopal has remained the same. It is a community of people unlike any other group on campus. They are my brothers and sisters in Christ, people who support me in my low times and help celebrate my accomplishments. Our weekly meetings provide a spiritual revival from the chaos that fills our daily lives. It is a time to escape the tests, papers, homework, labs, etc. and be renewed through worship and fellowship.

    When I first joined the SMU campus ministry, I was a very reserved and unsure about who I was. SMU Episcopal has helped me grow immensely. I’ve learned how to come out of my shell, how to embrace change, how to be an effective leader, and how to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I’m thankful for the direction and leadership that I have experienced through SMU Episcopal. Being surrounded by many wonderful leaders and spiritual guides is a rare, true blessing.

    I’m thankful for the friendships I’ve made, both within SMU Episcopal and in other campus ministries. I’m lucky to have met so many wonderful young people who share my love and passion for Christ. I know that the friendships I’ve made here truly will last a lifetime. They are bonds stronger than your typical acquaintance, founded upon a shared love of God.

    Through SMU Episcopal, I found my church home in Dallas. I’ve been able to use the leadership skills and spiritual influence that I gained from my campus ministry experience in order to minister at my church. My life would be incomplete had I not found my way to my campus ministry.

    Last but certainly not least, I’m thankful for Daniel and Lainie Allen. Their ministry through SMU Episcopal has influenced so many young people in such a wonderful, positive way. They are our spiritual guides and a beautiful example of a marriage founded upon a love of Christ. I know that if I were to ever need anything, they would be there, helping in any way that they could.

    I’m thankful for SMU Episcopal because it has truly changed me as a person. It has helped me grow from a timid freshman into a successful young woman. I’m thankful for lasting friendships, for fruitful discussions, for nights of infectious laughter, and most importantly, for the incredible spiritual growth that I have experienced these last four years.

    I may be graduating, but I’m taking with me all that I’ve learned from this experience. This isn’t goodbye; it’s just a new chapter. You can bet I’ll still be crashing SMU Episcopal even after I’ve graduated.