Visionary Women: Canon Carrie Headington on Equipping Evangelists

02.12.20 | Homepage

    Listen to Carrie's story on this national podcast of the City Gospel Movement: Click here.

    Carrie is a Canon Evangelist for the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas and the Founder of The Good News Initiative. Her goal at the Good News Initiative is to equip followers of Jesus to proclaim and live out the gospel. We’re going to call Carrie a triple threat because she graduated from Yale, Harvard, and Oxford! Don’t worry, we were a little intimidated too, but you won’t want to miss her story and the work she is doing. Carrie is passionate about people knowing how to share their faith and identify those who are gifted in evangelism! She currently lives in Dallas, TX with her husband, Gregory Headington.

    Let’s dive in to hear Carrie share how she is shaking up the ways we view and practice evangelism. Tune in to:

    • Learn how she recognized her gift of evangelism.
    • Understand practical ways to identify evangelists in our churches.