Letter From the Bishop

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in Christ. It has been an anxious and uncertain two weeks, hasn’t it? We try to assimilate news about the virus that accelerates daily. We worry about loved ones. It is hard to plan anything. Financial uncertainty follows. But in moments in which our world is shaken, we as Christians discover anew the rock upon which our house is built (Matthew 7:24). We prepare to God whom we know to be our Rock and our Castle.

Last week we announced some temporary changes to our service. That upset a few people- it upset me too! But we sought to balance liturgical continuity with ‘an abundance of caution’ with regard to safety. We have this week more directions, which require the local priest to implement with wisdom according to his or her own situation. Everyone is feeling their way and doing the best they can. But the important thing is that we as the people of God celebrate the accomplished saving acts of Christ, which are solid and immovable in our lives.

Even now, in fact especially now, we need, individually and collectively, to be signs of encouragement and assurance to our neighbors, whoever they may be. We are not people ‘without hope in the world. ‘ ( Ephesians 2:12). A moment such as this reinforces both our sense of human solidarity as well as particular calling on behalf of all.

Though not a discipline any of us would have chosen, what we are going through sure feels Lenten! May we be led on by the Holy Spirit in the footsteps of our crucified and risen Lord.



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