General Convention 2022

This convention, shorter and more constrained than usual, was to do only ‘necessary’ business. But everyone thinks that means what they suppose is important! Hence we had 400plus resolutions packed into four grueling days, leaving limited time for deliberation.

On the most consequential issue of prayer book revision, the constitutional groundwork was done, though the canonical implications for 2024 are as yet unclear. More fundamental questions about the nature and role of the BCP were asked. We as Communion Partners expressed our thoughts and concerns about the process. The 2018 memorialization of the 1979 book still stands.

A matter of interest to us is the approval of the reunion of the ‘Diocese in North Texas’ (formerly Episcopal Fort Worth) back into the Diocese of Texas. We pray for God’s blessing on them.

The convention created a racial equity fund with a tithe of national church endowed funds. There were also many resolutions about contemporary political issues. While I was sympathetic with a number, I voted against those advocating abortion with no limits, and gender transition treatment with no age threshold.

Of course the Church in this post-pandemic period has enormous challenges, though one would have been hard-pressed to sense these in the gathering. Perhaps there were a few telltale signs, e.g. the folding of General Seminary into Virginia and greater ease in merging dioceses.

Finally, in the House of Bishops there was an earnest effort to give voice to the ecologically and politically perilous moment in our national life in a ‘mind of the house’ statement.

On a more personal note, I am grateful to our delegation, led by Mother Victoria Heard, for its faithfulness and good humor. Steph and I enjoyed buying the Navajo delegation dinner.

Come Holy Spirit renew us, send us, and use us as You would,