Don't Forget Us

We are having a short break between programs. In a few minutes we will begin our final one - a farewell time. We don't know what that is yet, but experience suggests it will be very touching. We began the day together with a time with the Clergy Wives' conference. After Bishop Kamani and I had a chance to greet them ,we left for a separate visitation program. Veronica stayed behind to address the gathered spouses. As I compose this, she is still talking with some of the women. The bishop and I  visited two parishes and a school. At the first parish, we arrived to a work crew at the cemetery, working on the grave for a member of the Mothers Union who died on Sunday. We heard about the work of the parish and their plans and exchanged greetings. We then walked over to St Mary's school and were met by the singing students. We heard from the teachers about the school and each had a chance to address the students. After praying for them, we mounted up for the drive back into Medebe. As we did, the students sent us off in song, with the repeat of " don't forget us". At Medebe we visited a church which had recently burnt (arson). We heard about the parish and it's plans. We also had a last minute addition to the program from a group of women, recipients of micro-loans. They shared about their success and plans for future growth, including the dream of a vehicle, which would allow them to travel back and forth to Juba for supplies and to sell things. The drive back was covered with the awareness of our imminent departure. Indeed the first email this afternoon is to confirm the time of the morning's flight. It isn't quite time to reflect deeply on this time, as we will move on to a short stop in Cairo. Praise the Lord for His goodness.