Veronica and I have arrived at Juba after a very long journey. Things got off to a bit of a challenge, as our flight out of DFW was significantly delayed because of computer problems, and the airline was unable to board the aircraft. In the end, they did it the "old fashioned" way, writing boarding pass information on paper!  When it became clear there could be a real problem, we sent out a number of prayer requests  If the flight had not gone ahead, the cascading missed connections would have made the journey pointless. Praise the Lord, it went ahead, we made all our connections, and out luggage arrived with us. We had a wonderful welcome here in Juba. Rev Sapan escorted us through all the arrival processes and to the guest house.  I stayed here in 2015, and it looked very different than it does now. The temperature is height-of-Texas-summer. We were very pleasantly surprised to find our room has air conditioning!  We will enjoy it and catch up on sleep - something we've had very little of during our more than 30 hour journey. We go back to the airport very early in the morning to catch our flight with Mission Aviation Fellowship for the last leg to Juba. The only confirmed "agenda" item so far is a day of Fasting and Prayer in Freedom Square in Ibba on April 25. It is an all-day event. I am to be one of three preachers, and my topic is "The Power of Prayer" and Veronica is asked to pray (we don't know what that entails yet). Time for some rest!