St. Matthew's Cathedral

St. Matthew's is the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Dallas and is also known as the Bishop's Church. It is the oldest Episcopal congregation in North Texas and was the first church during the formation of the diocese. Bishop Alexander Garrett named St. Matthew's as his cathedral in 1875. As part of the diocesan campus, the cathedral hosts many events, including the Stanton Center for Ministry Formation. This center prepares diocesan deacons for ordination, and provides in-depth theological education for lay leadership.  

St. Matthew's Cathedral contains some of the most beautiful stained glass and artwork of any church in the region. The church also serves as a center for the arts in East Dallas and provides outstanding programming for museum-quality art shows, concerts and other performance art. The principle of organization of the Cathedral system, which was inaugurated when the diocese was known as the Missionary District of North Texas, recognizes that the bishop is the center of unity for the diocese, and the Cathedral is the symbol of that unity.

The bishop has his seat of office in his Cathedral Church at the See City or Capitol of the diocese. The bishop, by virtue of the office, has inherent rights at all times and in every parish, mission and congregation within the diocese, because he is the chief pastor of all the people in the diocese. The Dean of the Cathedral is the executive officer of the Cathedral in charge of services, administration and the congregation. He presides at meetings of the Cathedral vestry and parish meetings. The Dean of the Cathedral is a member of the Executive Council of the diocese.