2023 Discernment Retreat

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    May, 2023

    In I Samuel, the Lord calls the boy, Samuel – he literally calls, and audibly speaks his name. But the boy does not initially grasp what is happening. But with the help of the priest, Eli, Samuel comes to discern that it is the Lord, and responds as Eli instructs him, “Speak Lord, your servant hears.” (I Samuel 3:1-18, ESV)

    So with us: the Lord calls, and we seek to discern and respond. And, as in Samuel’s case, this is a collective process within the community of faith. Are you seeking to discern whether you are called to ordained ministry, or perhaps to a more focused lay ministry in your parish?

    Join members of the Commission on Ministry for a three-day retreat where you will hear presentations on how to discern, learn about our discernment process, and spend quiet time in prayer.

    Anyone may come to this retreat. Attendance is not a commitment to begin formal discernment; but, it is an essential step for those who wish to enter the ordination process. We are all called to lives of Christian service. The diocesan discernment retreat is an opportunity for greater in-depth exploration of the Lord’s call in your life.

    The Rev. Canon Dr. Christopher Brown

    The retreat is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m., August 6 and end at 3 p.m., August 8 at Prothro Center on Lake Texoma, 269 Methodist Lane. Pottsboro, Texas, 75076. The retreat costs $110 per person.