Learn How to Create A Free Public Library


    Todd Bol, is scheduled to meet members of the community from 2-4 p.m., March 14, at Church of the Annunciation in Lewisville to talk about the social movement he started, Little Free Library.  "We'll have a few short presentations where...

      Cursillo 321


      Cursillo 321 Date March 10-13, 2016 Location Camp All Saints Day of Deeper Understanding April 2, 2016 Registration Deadline March 7, 2016 Register Online at Camp All Saints Register by Mail Download and...

        Easter egg hunt with refugees

        02.29.16 | by The Rev. Samira Izadi Page

        We are excited to celebrate Easter with our refugee members this year again. We will celebrate the March 26 event under the theme of "New Life from Death" as we share a powerful message of hope with our refugees.  I welcome...

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