A Post-Pandemic Catechesis

03.04.22 | Homepage

    For people having gone through a pandemic (with deep, unsettling effects), these videos offer an intelligent, traditional, and yet not predictable account of five basic Christian beliefs that can help us, not to return to a previous Christian comfort zone but to rediscover old truths as if for the first time. Each video has a 15-minute talk by Canon Victor Lee Austin, theologian-in-residence of the diocese of Dallas, followed by a 15-minute conversation with a different person in each video. At the end a couple of questions are posed, so that the video could open into a discussion amongst the people viewing it. In short, these videos are designed to be useful for parish study groups and home fellowship groups, as well as of course individual viewing.

    Here are the videos:

    Creation, with the Rev. Audrey Sutton, a curate at St. Philip's in Frisco. 

    The Mess, with the Rev. Miguel Carmona, a curate at St. Barnabas in Garland

    God's Speech and God's Spirit, Amber D. Noel, Associate Editor and Associate Director of The Living Church Foundation

    Behold the Human, the Rev. Dr. Andrew Grosso, Associate for Worship and Liturgy, Saint Michael and All Angels

    Behold Our True Friend, the Rev. Julian Borda, a curate at St. Paul in Waxahachie