A Time to Open Our Eyes

02.25.16 | by Dabney Dwyer

A Time to Open Our Eyes

    Lent is upon us. It is a time for reflection, self-examination, penitence and hope. Many of us have committed to giving up something during these holy forty days such as chocolate, alcohol, or other common enjoyable habits. But have we considered taking on something…the act of giving?

    The Presiding Bishop in his Lenten address called for focus and participation…participation “in the movement of God’s love in the world by following in the footsteps of Jesus”. Participation means not just giving up something but perhaps making a renewed commitment to actively showing God’s love in the world to all those who are poor in mind, body and spirit.

    At Ascension we are reading Under the Fig Tree (Roger Hutchison), a book of poems and beautiful illustrations creatively depicting Christ’s journey to the cross. As we reflect on our own lives, the words of the author reminds me that we are often blind to much that is going on in the world and in our own neighborhoods…. injustice, racism, discrimination, oppression, inequality….perhaps with Jesus’ help during Lent, our sight will be restored. Perhaps we can continue to reach out by reading to kindegarden students at a school in need, or serving meals to homebound elderly, simply collecting canned goods for local food pantries or hygiene items for refugees at Gateway for Grace. The options are limitless.

    Let us all be aware of our blindness and with God’s help, open our eyes to see the opportunities for participation as the hands and feet of Christ in our communities, showing God’s love and sharing the good news of hope and everlasting life.


    Dabney Dwyer

    Missioner for Outreach