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    Love, Justice and the Law

    10.26.16 | by Kevin Dodge

    Ruth is one of the more popular books in the Old Testament. If you’ve never read it, I would encourage you to do so. The whole book is only eight-five verses long. It will probably take you just twenty minutes to...

      Salvation and the Exodus

      10.05.16 | by Kevin Dodge

      The Exodus is the paradigmatic story of salvation in the Old Testament. What the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus is to the New Testament, the Exodus is to the Old. In other words, it’s hard to find a more central story to the history...

        Love Amidst Sacrifice (Gen. 22)

        09.28.16 | by Kevin Dodge

        If you’ve never had the chance to enjoy Plato’s dialogue called the Euthyphro, it’s well worth reading. In it, Socrates comes across Euthyphro, a leading jurist in Athens, as he’s walking to the courthouse. Euthyphro asks...

          The Costly Faith of Abram

          09.20.16 | by Kevin Dodge

          The calling of Abram in Genesis 12 is a foundational text for Christians. Abram obeys the voice of God by leaving his country and his relatives, and receives a series of remarkable promises which have proved central to Christians. God promises...

            Genesis, The Cosmic Tabernacle and Jesus

            09.08.16 | by Kevin Dodge

            The subject of the creation of the universe has often been controversial. Yet the key question is simple: was the universe designed by an intelligent creator or not? Although some vehemently object to the claim of design, a simple look at the...