Children's book sends message to be yourself


Children's book sends message to be yourself

    Sherilyn Jones, graphic designer at Saint Michael and All Angels publishes children's book.

    Saint Michael's graphic designer and production coordinator, Sherilyn Jones, has written and illustrated a new children's book, Created to Be.

    Jones writes about how the character Evan Jones joins his family and friends to explore events that took place during the birth of Jesus. While everyone understands what Mary and Joseph experienced, he is having trouble putting the pieces together. The Joneses take Evan on a journey, that will allow them to compare what they go through in life with the experiences of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus, by walking in their shoes.

    "It challenges the children to live the life God has created just for them," Jones said. "I was inspired to write Created to Be, because I feel God has created everyone to be someone special. We shouldn't just follow what everyone else is doing, but look to God and see what it is He wants from us."

    Created To Be is based off the cartoon Can't Keep Up With The Joneses and challenges children to live the life God has created for them. BE is also the abbreviation of biblical experiences takes you on a journey with the characters to discover what biblical characters faced while comparing each event to the life of your own. Can't Keep Up With The Joneses isn't about keeping up, it's about finding out what makes you an individual.

    The book can be purchased in the SMAA book store or at