Clergy Conference 2024: With the Rev. Tish Warren and Dr. Justin Stratis

03.07.24 | Homepage

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    Clergy Conference, which is an annual gathering of diocesan clergy for fellowship, worship and scholarship, is scheduled for April 15 to 17, and is required attendance for canonically resident and active clergy, although retired clergy are certainly invited. The location is at Camp Allen, 18800 FM 362, in Navasota, Texas.

    Authors Rev. Tish Harrison Warren and Dr. Justin Stratis will be special guests at this year's event. The conference is held each year to provide an opportunity clergy to meet since they live and work many miles apart.

    This year, the Rev. Tish Harrison Warren will be leading prayers and communion. She is an Anglican priest and is author of Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life and Prayer in the Night: For Those Who Work, or Watch, or Weep. Both books were selected by “Christianity Today” as a Book of the Year, while Prayer in the Night also received honors as the ECPA Christian Book of the Year.

    A former newsletter columnist for The New York Times, Harrison Warren publishes frequently about matters of faith in private life and public discourse.

    Harrison Warren told Religion News Service that she did not set out to become a professional writer, but an article she wrote went viral about how living a “more or less ordinary life” was scarier for her than her work in a war-torn African village.

    “What I need courage for is the ordinary, the daily every-dayness of life,” she wrote.

    The success of that piece opened a new avenue for her ministry. She had previously spent more than a decade working in different roles, including as a campus minister with InterVarsity Graduate and Faculty Ministries, as an associate rector, and in ministry with addicts and those in poverty through various churches and non-profit organizations.

    She is a founding member of The Pelican Project, which addresses the role of parenthood and faith, and she is a Senior Fellow with the Trinity Forum, an organization created to “connect thinking leaders with leading thinkers in engaging the big questions of life.”

    She lives with her husband and three children in Austin, Texas.

    Dr. Justin Stratis also will address clergy with his presentation '‘On Grace and Sainthood: The Varieties of Christian Discipleship." The academic dean and professor of systematic theology at Wycliff College of the University of Toronto, Stratis has a Master of Divinity from the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

    He began working at Wycliffe in 2021 and writes that he enjoys the college’s vision “to ground ministerial education in the theological interpretation of Scripture.”

    “I truly believe that the more emerging ministers and theologians learn to place the Bible at the centre of their ministries and earnestly desire to hear and proclaim the Word of God in its pages, the more the church’s witness will distinguish itself in the world as an effective testimony to the living God,” he shared on Wycliff College’s website.

    Stratis has authored and edited numerous books, including God’s Being Towards Fellowship: Schleiermacher, Barth, and the Meaning of ‘God is Love’ in which he explored the phrase “God is love.”

    He most recently co-edited The T&T Clark Companion to the Doctrine of Providence.

    Dr. Stratis and his wife, Melissa, have three children.