College Ministry Helps Student

06.01.15 | by Adam Cox

    The college years are critical to faith and identity formation. Our diocesan college ministry helps students navigate those years through relational discipleship initiatives at their campus. Here’s how one student describes his experience at SMU.

    What brought me to SMU Episcopal, also known as Canterbury, was twofold: First, the promise of worshiping God and second, my mother's insistence. The areas of my life that needed help were social and religious. I needed someplace to worship and to also hopefully meet people so I could cultivate meaningful friendships. SMU Episcopal has brought me both of these and more.

                When I first started attending my life had hit a rough patch. It was the fall of 2013 and I had just come back to school after recovering from a break-down. My friends were few but I had heard about SMU Episcopal from an English tutor named Martha Elizabeth, who was a member during my freshman year. I went to an SMU Episcopal meet-and-greet picnic. I sat down with the college missioner on the paving stones and we just talked about life. Afterwards, a number of us stayed to pray Compline. I really enjoyed the worshipful words in this prayer. The missioner showed me how fellowship with other college Christians could be the nice, relaxing atmosphere I had been longing for during my years at school.

                Over my time at SMU, Canterbury has been a cornerstone for my social and spiritual life. How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.  It is amazing that something so simple as meeting with friends for community and worship could add such quality to my life. But, it was through those meetings that I was able to make it through the week. It is because of Canterbury that I am a happy and successful mechanical engineering student. Spending time worshiping Christ and hanging out with other Christians also makes my mother happy.