Cranmer Institute Closes


    We at the Cranmer Institute (TCI) want to express our gratitude for the participation, prayers, and financial support you have provided over the past four years.

    TCI was designed as a way to introduce distinct programming for a younger generation of clergy and lay leaders in the national Episcopal Church; clergy wanting to work on their preaching skills; Diocese of Dallas clergy and laity interested in continuing education; as well as international conferences for all those concerned with the life of the wider Anglican Communion. We hoped this would augment the work of the Anglican Communion Institute.

    We are grateful for the many programs we have been able to see successfully to completion. You will find attached a summary of that work, including the renovations that made our home at Canterbury House, such an exciting ‘Center for Anglican Studies.’

    TCI will now close its programming as funded for a three-year term and we will return to the Anglican Communion Institute mission, focused more specifically on the life of the Anglican Communion in the 21st century.

    We would like to thank in particular the hard work of our Treasurer Tom Graves, Secretary Frank Fuller, and Vice-President Ephraim Radner. TCI has been what it has been because of their sacrifices and clear thinking, especially in these challenging times in the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion.

    On a personal note, we mention with affection and gratitude the professional contribution of Ms. Keeley Chorn, our Program Director. TCI’s excellent website and promotional materials owe much to her skills. TCI could not have operated so successfully without her.

    Yours sincerely,

    Philip Turner, Chairman
    Christopher Seitz, President