Evangelism and Communications Committee


    Bishop Suffragan Paul Lambert and Deputies, Bill Murchison and Carrie Headington, discussed ways to evangelize through modern communication channels during the Evangelism and Communication Committee Meeting at General Convention. The committee focused on Resolution B009 Conducting an Online Evangelism Test.

    The resolution calls for building and maintaining a database of prospects through electronic search engines such as Google, and partnering with dioceses to refer prospects to local congregations and ministries. 

    The estimated cost is $3 million which would partially be spent on technical support to engage those seekers asking search engine questions such as "Does God love me? and "Will I go to heaven?" 

    The program would include writing persuasive content to answer the questions, develop relationships with key media influencers, create a database of prospects, work with dioceses to build a network of churches and ministries to receive referrals. 

    "The committee got off to a great start today looking at legislation to create ways to use social media to spread the Gospel and connect seekers to Episcopal Churches, Headington." It is exciting to explore the possibilities of using social media for God's glory and mission. It is one of the many tools we have to spread the life transforming and life-saving news of Jesus."