Finding Purpose in God's Promises

02.03.16 | by Kevin Dodge

    Get closer to God during this season of Lent with this beautifully written devotional by Kevin Dodge.


    With our world in turmoil and the Church divided, Christians more than ever need to slow down, pray and amend their lives. The problem is our fast-paced lifestyles make this very hard to accomplish.

    Lent, a forty-day period of preparation for Easter, is the key penitential season of the Church year. Lent provides Christians with an opportunity to build richer spiritual lives through self-examination, fasting and repentance.

    Do you find Lent joyless, unwelcome or difficult to sustain? Has Lent long ago ceased being transformative and become something you do out of duty or guilt? Alternatively, are you inexperienced with Lent and unsure how to walk through this season?

    This devotional is here to help. Drawing on the Sarum Rite, the original daily lectionary in use in the English Church at the time of the Reformation,
An Invitation to a Holy Lent provides some easy-to-follow structure for your Lenten journey.

    With short daily Scripture readings, probing reflection questions and practical suggestions for application, this devotional will make the difficult task of spiritual growth more accessible.

    If you can find fifteen minutes a day to meet with Christ during this Lenten season, see if He doesn’t enliven your faith and deepen your Christian walk.

    Kevin Dodge is the author of several books on the spiritual life, including Confessions of a Bishop: A Guide to Augustine’s Confessions and Reading Dante: A Theological Paraphrase of the Inferno. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a ThM with Highest Honors from Dallas Theological Seminary.

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    Devotional Schedule 

    Lent I (Week of Feb 14)
    Promise: God is with us.
    Purpose: Work for the common good.

    Lent II (Week of Feb 21)
    Promise: We are God’s family.
    Purpose: Live for the Body of Christ.

    Lent III (Week of Feb 28)
    Promise: God’s people are saved.
    Purpose: Rely on Christ.

    Lent IV (Week of March 6)
    Promise: We are empowered to reconcile.
    Purpose: Be peacemakers.

    Lent V (Week of March 13)
    Promise: We are forgiven.
    Purpose: Repent.