From Egypt with Love, 2

01.20.23 | Homepage

    From Jeff and Jenn on mission in Egypt with the family:

    Things have been busy.  Our kids were off school for about a month.  Much of our time was taken up with keeping them occupied — going down south to see the temples and so on.  We also went back and forth several times to the passport office to get us all residency visas.  This was a huge job, and I’m thankful for the diocese of Egypt’s help in all this.  

    We are thankful for :

    • Daily safety and health
    • The opportunity to develop relationships with the people around us
    • Jeff's students and colleagues
    • our Arabic teachers! (who Jenn spends hours with daily)
    • What God is doing through our neighbours and in the lives of our neighbours
    • Jonah's teacher Mr. Medhat (who has made every difference for Jonah)

    We ask that you pray for:

    • Clarity on where Jenn can serve in counselling (she is currently exploring some options)
    • Wisdom and stewardship as we live as privileged people among those who are really struggling financially
    • Developing a rhythm and getting settled in our lives here
    • The many people from other non-arabic speaking regions in Africa who are seeking refuge here and looking for work/to move abroad. There are many families at our church who find themselves in limbo here - waiting to go to Canada or elsewhere.  


    Jeff and Jenn