From Egypt with Love: Adessah and Jonah

05.01.24 | Homepage


    Happy Eastern Easter and belated Western Easter to you all!

    This post was meant to be Easter related but for now it will just be requesting prayer.

    Jonah was hospitalized last week for infections in his tonsils and ears. He is home now and seems to be improving. Please pray that he does recover fully and won’t need any further treatment.

    Today Adessah was admitted into hospital in order to treat Kawasaki disease. Our understanding is that it is rare and not too dangerous if treated. She is receiving IV treatment and having her heart monitored until her blood work shows improvement.

    Both kids were sick (probably, Covid ) a few weeks and seemed to be on the mend when their fevers returned and would not subside with any treatment at home. The doctors think it could be post-Covid related. Either way, we are tired and doing our best to navigate Egypt’s medical system while also parenting and pregnant- ing. Pray for us!

    Jenn is 38 weeks pregnant … and hoping to go into labour at a time where everyone is well and at home