Joint DOK/ECW Province Gathering

01.13.23 | Homepage

    All Episcopal women are invited to attend the Joint DOK/ECW Province VII Hybrid Gathering at the Church of the Transfiguration in Dallas, TX February 24-25-2023.

    The Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers and The Rev. Canon Carrie Headington will present on the topic of how we respond, as Christian women, to the changes and challenges of the world. We’ll gain insight into how faith inspires us to respond to injustice and need while sharing God’s love. Canon Spellers brings a unique perspective from her work with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and her own social justice work. Canon Headington, as well, will inspire us to look at our lives and what we can do to heal and reconcile diverse viewpoints. There will also be two workshops. Workshop leader Dana Jean asks What are you willing to risk? Confronting Gender, Race and Privilege. Our second workshop is led by Dee Sanders who says It’s Ours to Fix, Being a Social Justice Warrior. We’ll look at ways we can make lifestyle changes to create an environment that is more just and equitable.

    Registration is $60 for in person and $20 to attend virtually. 

    You may register online at:

    We hope you will join us for this inspiring weekend!