Men's Summit: Teaching Men to Disciple Men

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    Teaching Men to Disciple Men
    9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Saturday, September 24
    St. Philip's, 6400 Stonebrook Parkway, Frisco


    The purpose of this Men’s Discipleship Summit is to provide discipleship encouragement, tools, and techniques to prepare you to be more confident and prepared to act as a disciple of Christ in your church and in this world.

    This will be a time of testimony and fellowship- a rare opportunity to combine and enjoy both while adding discipleship tools to your Faith-in-Action toolbox! Your experience at this Summit will make you a valuable resource at your home church, and will help grow and sustain your church and the Church at large.

    Why is Discipleship so Important?

    Our summits guest speaker, The Rev. Dr. John Tolson has said, “If we are not making disciples, who are making disciples, then we are simply not doing what Jesus said to do.” “Patrick Morley in “How to Disciple Men “observed”: “Here’s the good news: if we get men right, we will get marriages right, too. If we get marriages right, then we will get families right, If we get families right, we will get the church right. And if we get church right, we will change the World.” Without discipleship without personal connection amongst men, then many miss out on the Good News and fellowship in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

    About Dr. John Tolson

    Dr. John Tolson’s focus in life is to get a winsome presentation of The Good News of Jesus to Every Man In America, and he pursues that calling with fierce determination and unparalleled tenacity. For more than 40 years, John has spiritually mentored hundreds of thousands of adults, students, executive, athletes and celebrities. He walks alongside them as he models how to live the Christian life in the good times and bad, on good days and those filled with sadness, and on all the days in-between. John understands that people cannot live the Christian lifestyle without someone showing them how.

    In addition to discipling people individually, John has reached about one million men through a ministry he founded called The Gathering and he started one of the first team chaplain programs in the NBA (his personal record is 127 straight free throws!). John has served several professional sport teams including the Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, Houston Oilers (now Houston Texans), Orlando Magic and most recently the Dallas Cowboys while also being called upon by major corporations to keynote conferences and seminars. Additionally, John encourages men
    and women through a weekly video message called #RedGlassesTalk.

    To date, John has published two books, namely "Take a Knee", which is a motivational book based upon the locker room messages he gave to the Dallas Cowboys, and "The Four Priorities", a wonderful tool for disciple-making and challenging men and women to mature in their faith.

    On a personal note, John has been married to Punky Leonard Tolson since 2001, he is the father of two grown children with his late wife Ruth Anne and he has three adorable grandchildren. Dr. Tolson received his Master of Divinity from Columbia Seminary and his Doctorate of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary. He also studied with Dr. Francis Schaeffer in Switzerland.


    $45 Early Registration (Begins June 1, 2022) & $55 Late Registration (After August 1, 2022)

    Registration Includes:

    *Breakfast Snacks   *All-day Coffee, Tea, Water, Soft drinks   *A Full Catered Lunch

    Contact Hap Hiester, Summit Project Director for More Information @ 808-938-9300

    Event Sponsored by: Episcopal Foundation of Dallas