Policy of the Diocese of Dallas on Marriage

11.23.15 | by The Rt. Rev. George Sumner

    The 2015 General Convention Resolution A054 gives the diocesan bishop authority to withhold permission for same-sex blessings and marriages in the diocese, and it also calls on the diocese ‘to make provision’ for access to such rites for those who wish them.

    So the policy of the diocese will continue to be that articulated in diocesan Canon 12. Clergy of the diocese may not officiate at any portion of a marriage or blessing of the union of a same-sex couple, whether that marriage or blessing takes place in the diocese or outside of it, nor may any such rite be performed in any church building or other property owned by the diocese. The same restriction holds for clergy holding a license to officiate in the diocese.

    We can also note what the standing policy does not address. Access to these rites for a couple is available in our neighboring Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth at  . It is also true that a priest of the Diocese of Dallas, duly invited, can celebrate the Eucharist in another diocese.

    I am confident our clergy, whatever their own views, will respond to questions concerning the issue itself or provision with pastoral sensitivity. May our thoughts and actions be ruled in all things by charity.