Priests Pedal for Fun and Funds

06.01.15 | by Kimberly Durnan

    The Rev. Craig Reed and The Rev. H.W. Herrmann ride their bicycles across Kansas for 500 miles to raise money for parish and diocesan ministries.

    Parish priests pedal across Kansas on their bicycles to raise money for their parish and diocesan ministries. 

    The Rev. Craig Reed has already received $5,000 in pledges to ride his bike in the 502-mile Biking Across Kansas event. The money will go to St. Andrew's - Farmer's Branch, to Food for the Poor a Haitian International Relief Society. He is also taking pledges for Camp All Saints

    Reed will be cycling with The Rev. H. W. Herrmann who is receiving pledges for ministries at St. David's of Wales - Denton and for the diocesan College Ministry. 

    Herrmann, avid cyclist raised money last year to fund a hand-cap restroom at his parish.

    Reed said the pair are prepared to ride the distance for the eight-day rally and has 45-mile training rides clocked on his road bike. 

    "We both have been riding quite a bit for it," Reed said. "And it's not a race so you can take your time, stop for lunch and enjoy the day." 

    Reed said the fundraiser is a good way to kick off the summer and support the ministries he loves. 

    This is the third year of done a ride where I did it as a parish fund raiser. Parish ministry put in a hand-cap restroom and its going toward that. My curate Father Clint Wilson heads up UNT Canterbury ministry and I thought I would help that effort buy inviting people to give to that. 

    The third group Father Reed and I are both graduates of Nashotah House and we've had one person make a donation to Nashatoh house in our name for our bike ride across Kansas. 

    I've been training since January. Has a 100 miles bike ride under his belt. On this ride across Kansas there are two 80 miles day. We will average over 60 miles a day. My training consists of riding 100 miles each week leading up.

    We do a bike rally once a month. We did one in Muenster for Germanfest. I'm looking forward to meeting some neat people. They have a lot of hospitality because they are proud o their state and they kind of roll out the red carpet. I take my holy oil stock and stole in case gets hurt along the way I can anoint them for healing and pray for them. Usually by the end of the week everyone knows I'm a priest. But it also opens a lot of conversation along the way. Some people have falling away from the church and this gives them the opportunity to talk to someone about that and give them the courage to come back to the church. 

    Bicycling Journal

    Getting Ready: We have arrived at the start and ready to go tomorrow morning having spent the night at Saint John's Military School in Salina, Kansas and visiting with a Nashotah House classmate, Father Jim Cox and his wife, Ruth. Tremendous thunderstorm in the middle of the night with flooding as we thought we were back home in Texas. Around 850 cyclists are arriving from as far away as New York and California. Tents have been set up and registration has commenced. #nomosquitos. -- Father Herrmann

    Day One: "In your struggle against sin you have not resisted to the point of shedding blood." (Hebrews 12:4)

    But Fr. Reed has!  A negative encounter with railroad tracks in Ulysses, Kansas resulted in some road rash.  Now that blood has been shed for the cause, why don't you pledge to the Camp All Saints scholarship fund? -- Father Reed

    Day Two: Having a blast out on the prairie lands of Kansas pedaling our way east on this Lord's Day. Attended Mass in Johnson City Saturday evening, for the Mass of Convenience and unexpectedly, the Bishop was the celebrant with two baptisms.  

    Today looked to be a challenge as it was an 80 mile ride to Jetmore, Kansas with 850 other riders, including Father Reed and his bad right leg and side.  Although, iI did bring my stole and Holy Oil, but didn't think it would be one of us who needed it first!

    God has blessed us with a tailwind both days so far, which allowed me to average 19 mph on Saturday for the first 50 mile leg and 18.5 mph for the 80 mile trip today.  I realize that doesn't mean much to someone who doesn't cycle, but for those who do, they know iI was flying (on Eagle's Wings).  We have met lots of good folk's along the way from 36 different states across this great land in which we live.

    To give you an idea of fuel requirements; we burn and consume between 3000-4000 calories a day on our ride.  Tonight we treated ourselves to delicious pie and ice cream to make up for what we burned off today, or, at least that was our reasoning!  We are sleeping on gymnasium floors and shower in the school locker rooms.

    Remember to pray for us for protection and also pledge to Denton College ministry, on my behalf or Camp All Saints' for Father Craig Reed.  Next summer, get your priest to join us!  Blessings to all. -- Father Herrmann

    Day Three --Two shorter days with 46 miles on Monday and 62 miles today on Tuesday. What a blessing to join with others in this adventure across Kansas. Father Reed and I went to downtown Larned last night to have a spaghetti supper prepared by the Methodist Church Women in their fellowship hall. Delicious!  Later in the evening we located an establishment for an adult beverage and had an entertaining conversation with another cyclist who is a Mennonite and he has a sister, who is their Pastor. The conversation cycled through some right to life issues and the oppression of some minority groups in our culture. Fascinating exchange that left us somewhat confused and bewildered but good overall. Some folks just need someone to listen on occasion, which some say is a lost art.

    On a different note, here is what fuel I have consumed so far today:
    1.  Breakfast - 5 pancakes with maple syrup and four sausage links at 5:30 am,
    2.  8 oz of Gatorade and 12 oz of water on the ride itself,
    3.  Lunch - Pig in a blanket (full size hot dog), pasta salad, cole slaw, ice tea and two large cookies at 8:30 am,
    4.  Power Bar energy mix of blueberry/banana, more Gatorade on the ride,
    5.  Peanut butter and Strawberry jam sandwich on wheat bread, 1/2 banana and more water,
    6.  Another banana and more Gatorade after arriving for overnight at Sterling High School.
    All of the above was consumed by 11:15 am!  No fuel and the body doesn't want to get up and go. Lights out at 10 pm and most rise by about 5 am for another day.
    Remember, it is not too late to pledge or donate to help our Diocesan Ministries. How about choosing your favorite one and giving?  Mine is Canterbury in Denton and Father Reed has named Camp All Saints' to receive his donations/pledges. Please continue your prayers for us as we cover them!  More Tomorrow. Check back. Blessings. -- Father Herrmann+

    Day Four: Never had cobbler at 8 a.m. but discovered cobbler is good at any time of day! Having a great time. More info to follow.