Recommended Reading For Christian Discernment

11.01.17 | Lay Orders

    Recommended books:

    Grounded in the Gospel, by J.I. Packer and Gary Parrett (Baker, 2010).

    From Generation to Generation, by Charles Foster (Wipf and Stock, 2012)

    Almost Christian, by Kenda Creasy Dean (Oxford, 2010)

    Callings: Twenty Centuries of Christian Wisdom on Vocation, by Willam C. Placher (Eerdmans, 2005)

    L. Gregory Jones, A Dramatic Journey into God’s Dazzling Light: Baptismal Catechesis and the Shaping of Christian Practical Wisdom,  in Knowing the Triune God: The Work of the Spirit in the Practices of the Church, ed. by James Buckley and David Yeago (Eerdmans, 2001).

    For further reading:

    "Forgetting our Memory Verses," by Jordan Hylden, The Living Church

    "Mrs. Truax and the Importance of Sunday School," by Mark Michael, The Living Church

    "Will Our Children Have Faith?" by Jordan Hylden, The Living Church

    "Rebuilding a Culture of Teaching and Learning," by Jordan Hylden, The Living Church