Six Ways to Enhance Partnerships with Schools

12.09.15 | by Dabney Dwyer

    Strengthen Your Church/School Partnerships in the New Year

    1. Provide teacher appreciation activities at least several times per year. This could include appreciation lunches, or “mailbox” goodies.
    1. Schedule a meeting with volunteers to receive feedback on how the partnership is going.
    1. Touch base with the school counselor to see what material items might be needed throughout the year (i.e. new white undershirts, socks, coats).
    1. Provide ongoing communications to the congregation about your ministry to the school and future needs. 
    1. Take lunch to the Principal and/or Vice Principal several time per year to discuss the partnership, what’s working, what needs to be improved and additional ideas for ministry.
    1. Have the Principal come to speak during a Sunday service about the work of the volunteers and benefits of the partnership.

    Contact Dabney Dwyer, Missioner for Outreach for more ways in which your church can impact a school in need in your community.