The Rev. Louis Harris Ordination

04.12.24 | Homepage

    Join St. John's in Dallas for the ordination ceremony to the sacred order of priests of the Rev. Louis Henry David Harris at 11 a.m., April 20, at the church, 848 Harter Road in Dallas. A reception will follow. The Rt. Rev. Anthony J. Burton will ordain Louis, who also ordained Harris' father, David Harris in June 1997, in the Diocese of Saskatchewan. 

    Your prayers and presence are requested. 

    Clergy: cassock and surplice, red stole

    Louis Harris is currently serving at St. John's, and has also been recently called to also serve as the Dean of the Stanton Institute. 

    Photo below of Louis as a toddler, provide by Bishop Burton


    Photo of David Harris serving at St. Andrew's, Shellbrook, in the Diocese of Saskatchewan, photo provided by Bishop Burton.