Women's Brunch and Evangelistic Speaking

05.16.23 | Homepage

    Ladies brunching, Gospel music, preaching about preaching and other Christian delights wrapped up Canon J. John's sweep through the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. After a rousing Mission Day where John inspired more than 150 people to share the Good News, he spent a morning lecturing to clergy and lay leaders on preaching and evangelistic speaking, and also headlined the diocesan Women's Faithlift brunch at the Joule Hotel where he shared encouraging words about God's love for them. 

    At the preaching event, John said it's good prepare oneself for the work of ministry by curating a rich prayer life. John says he prays one hour a day, one afternoon a week, one day a month and one week a year. He also suggested clergy and laity walk around their parish every day and greet everyone, pray an hour a day for one year and watch it transform the community. 

    He offered other advice such as be clear, concise, compassionate, Christ-centered, creative, colorful and challenging. "Make sure you have finished preaching before you audience is finished listening. Read your Bible, pray, evangelize. Ask 'do they know at the end of your sermon what they should do?'"

    Make sure the sermon has meat but also some seasoning, John said. "I will ask myself 'Who will I be preaching to? What is the most practical way to say it?  What is the most positive way to say it? What is the most encouraging way to say it? What is the most interesting way to say it?'"

    John also spoke at the women's brunch with more than 160 in attendance. Singer Panda Ross, sang 'He is Able" and shared her story coming from the streets and jail to freedom in Jesus. Canon Carrie Headington shared her faith story and John spoke about how everyone is loveable. He said Jesus was knocking on the door of our hearts. There were 22 first time commitments to follow Jesus.

    John told the women these encouraging words: "This is an important message that many of us need to take hold of today. No matter how messed up you think your life is, no matter how dirty you feel; you are valuable, lovable, forgivable and capable."