Vestry Handbook

So, you have been elected to the Vestry? What do you do now? What is a Vestry, anyway? Isn’t it just a sort of board of directors? What is expected of you? And what can you expect? If you were chosen by a majority of the members of your parish to serve on the Vestry, it is both an honor and a great responsibility. As a Vestry member, you are a servant-trustee, a steward over the household of faith. And you are an inheritor of a fine and honorable tradition. Learn more by reading the Vestry Handbook.

Vestry Best Practices

This presentation talks about how to build congregations on vision, values and mission. The best way to take minutes with samples, develop agendas, etc.  

Vestry Expectations

This is a form for vestry members outlying the expectations the Church has of them as leaders of their parish. 

Ministry and Money

This document includes information on the financial realities of stewardship. 

 The Role of a Vestry Member

This outlines areas of responsibility and gives real world examples.

Understanding Assessments

This slideshow explains assessment brackets, responsibilities of the treasurer, financial statements and more. 


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IRS Employees

Understand taxing differences between employees and contract workers.

Articles and Canons

Articles and Canons