Travel, travel, wait, wait, wait...

We have arrived, very, very early this morning in Cairo. (the photo of the dining area is the guest house by the cathedral). Due to limited airline schedules, our options were quite restricted. We had some final goodbyes at the airstrip in Ibba, boarded the Cessna Caravan, and flew to Juba on Thursday morning. We were at the guest house there by noon. We believed we had arranged for someone to return the next day to pick us up. We spent that day quietly, along with the next morning. Around noon on Friday, we were reunited with the priest who first met us at our arrival. He was tasked with escorting us through the departure process. His presence was a Godsend, as the driver didn't arrive!  Our excellent escort found someone else to take us. He also gave us the VIP treatment at the airport ("how" is a mystery to us), and we mostly sat in a nice lounge while he did all the work. The exit process isn't straight forward. We had a brief scare in the lounge when a woman came to us to let us know our flight was cancelled. Fortunately, she had made a mistake in that the cancelled flight wasn't ours. However, our flight was delayed by more than an hour. In the end, our driver in Cairo also missed us and we found a cab to the guest house. With the delay, long wait at baggage claim, and the time change, we didn't get to our room until well after 1 a.m. this morning, Saturday. These next couple of days are about visits and connections. We also have brothers and sisters here, and we look forward to what God has for us all here.

Homeward Bound

This is perhaps a bit premature, but we trust God's care and provision as we ride in a car provided by the guest house to the airport. It feels we've been gone a very long time, and yet it's also hard to believe we will shortly be winging our way towards Dallas (well, after going the wrong way for a while to Dubai to catch the flight to Dallas). Cairo has been an opportunity to catch our breath a bit and to reflect on our time in South Sudan. We also truly enjoyed a brief visit with the Boldts. (I did record a brief interview with them, and am hoping the format will be useable). I also had a chance to meet briefly with Archbishop Shahata. Our only sightseeing here has been in the immediate neighborhood of the cathedral in the Zamelek area of the city. As we slowly make our way to the airport, we pray we will be on time to check in, for successful negotiation of the process into the terminal, successful check in, and, of course. A safe flight home with the accompanying arrival of our luggage. We look forward to opportunities to share pictures and our experiences with those who may be interested. We also look forward to what the Lord is going to do with these visits and relationships. We are thankful to God for our visits, for the opportunity to share, albeit briefly, the lives and community of fellow believers, to experience the Communion, for your prayers, and for the goodness of God.  See you soon!