Deputies and Bishops Hard at Work

Diocesan deputies and our three bishops have been hard at work on all kinds of legislation affecting the Episcopal Church including voting for the House of Deputies President of which Julia Ayala Harris was re-elected on the first ballot in a race of three candidates. The deputies and bishops also discerned Holy Land resolutions, lowering diocesan assessments, approving the budget in addition to attending worship services, morning prayer, luncheons, dinners, and many other activities that bring God's people together.




Out the Gate

Diocesan clergy and delegates have arrived in Louisville, Kentucky and are taking in the culture of the city and navigating the duties of service to General Convention. The committee meetings, and legislative sessions bring long hours starting in the morning, sometimes before morning prayer, and last until evening. Gatherings for dinners and lunches focus on discussion of upcoming elections or legislation that is to come before them. Jolayne LaCour is the Deputy Chairperson leading the group as they sift through the legislation materials so they can make informed decisions.







This is the blog for the Episcopal Diocese Dallas' participation at General Convention 81 in Louisville, Kentucky.