The Larger Fellowship

On Sunday we were honored to have a visit from Bishop Anthony Poggo, the General Secretary of the Anglican Communion and our own Dr. Christopher Wells, director of Unity, Faith, and Order for the Communion. Their presence reminded us of the larger fellowship within which we deliberate. Our conversation included how different Churches have made room for revision while maintaining the Prayer Book standard.


EDOD Deputies Getting Ready for General Convention

The 81st General Convention set to commence June 23 and scheduled to end June 28 in Louisville, Kentucky. Diocesan deputies are Deputy Chairperson Jolayne LaCour, the Rev. Matthew Olver, the Rev. Ignacio Gama, the Rev. Christopher Steele, the Rev. Paul Nesta, Rebecca Wellborn, Lee Spence, and Ben Lima. First alternates attending are the Rev. Rebecca Tankersley and Adele Ichillian. The deputies are elected at diocesan convention and several alternates are chosen in case a deputy moves out of the diocese or has another reason they can't attend. This year third alternates were called into service due to turnover. 

Two deputies have been selected to serve on legislative committees, Olver for Constitution and Canons, and LaCour for Congregational Vitality and Data-Driven Initiatives. Committee work started in April online and continued through June 8, and they will resume again June 22 at convention. 

Main events include the celebration of the service of our current Presiding Bishop, election of our next Presiding Bishop, and elections of the leadership of our House of Deputies President and Vice-President. 

"We have so many activities provided for us to schedule into our time in Louisville, Kentucky, that we may have some hard choices to make," LaCour said. "Hopefully we will meet and make friendly acquaintances with deputies in other dioceses." 



This is the blog for the Episcopal Diocese Dallas' participation at General Convention 81 in Louisville, Kentucky.